How To Plan Your Diet

Why Dieting Is Doomed To Fail



It’s a well know fact that when you’re on a diet you get so hungry that you could eat just about anything. Your mind is continually focused on food and satisfying your hunger and that hollow empty feeling in the pit of your stomach.  If you are among the one in four of us trying to loose weight today, you may be initially successful but only a third of us will be able to stop the pounds piling straight back on.

Studies in America have show that a lack of food tricks our brain cells into believing we need more fat and so releases more fat producing chemicals that help to stimulate our appetites. This in turn makes us hungrier and leads to a failiure in our dieting plans.

It is thought that this whole process is started by hunger and by being hungry our brains start to break down our own fat stores in our bodies, telling us that there is a shortage of food and thus making our bodies eat our own cells.

This is really bad news for all those people who constantly diet. It just goes to show that dieting really does not work in the long term and the way to be trimmer and healthier is a change in the way we eat and excercise and not in crash dieting to try and get into that Summer swimsuit.

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