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I wanted to share with you an email I received from a very happy reader of mine. I’m so pleased that Ian has benefited from my site and the really good news is that he has shared with us a fantastic way to help tone our buttock and thigh area. I don’t have a promanade to stroll down (lucky Ian) but this exercise can be done when shopping, taking the children to school, walking the dog and countless other places we walk to.  So if you see someone ‘pacing’ while out walking, you now know what they’re up to.  

“Hi Kate

I have been trying out some of the toning exercises you are putting in your mini course for your readers, I really liked them. I have done a couple of weeks with them and they are having the required effect, obviously skipped over the boob exercises, although I do know a couple of the guys could use them.

I really liked the simplicity of the exercises; they are so easy to follow. If I can, anyone can, it was so easy to fit them into my day.

I know it is a whole lot easier to fit exercise into your day when you live by the sea in the sunshine as I do, you really should consider coming down to Spain, on that note I have a little exercise for you on how to tone your bottom and feel free to share it.

I have a great walk by the sea. It is a 3 mile promenade and it’s always busy with all ages, from little kids on the beach to the grandmas. It is not unusual to see 80 year olds out walking in the evening, even now in November.

When walking, as you take a step keep your standing foot on the floor a little longer than normal as you step forward. Keeping your foot on the floor behind you stretches the thigh and buttock. It feels a little strange at first it is very much like pacing. I don’t do it for the whole walk just a few minutes at a time about 2 minutes in every 6.

Well, on a more personal note, I am finding the lifestyle changes and diet changes really effective, I am now picking up some clothes that I had grown out of and not in a good way, I have taken about 3 inches off the waist and am keeping it off. I always thought being on a diet would be boring. Not at all; I am eating so well, not putting on any weight, even with the treats, and saving a pot of money. I must write a book on it, ha ha!

Thanks again Kate. Here’s to a healthier future!


Thank you Ian for this brilliant email.  If you have any tips or exercises you love and that have benefited you, please do feel free to email me just as Ian has done. I love hearing from my readers.

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