How To Plan Your Diet

Plan Your Diet Using A Positive Mental Attitude



When I realised that I was struggling with breaking my old lifestyle habits, I knew that the most difficult part would be the whole process of change.  I now know that this change could only come from within and it is my attitude, either positive or negative that would help me on my journey.

The key is have a positive and healthy self-image. It is this that we need to believe in if everything is going to work.

  • A negative self-image makes me feel bad about myself and in turn makes others feel the same way
  • A negative attitude comes from negative thoughts. A recent study showed that for every 14 things a parent says to his or her child, only one is positive. This really is a saddening thought and yet helped me to determine to help my family too

When we have a positive self-image, then the opposite will happen;-

  • A positive attitude promotes better health
  • A positive attitude helps us have more friends
  • A positive attitude helps us to better handle stress and problems
  • A positive attitude begins with a healthy self-image

When you love who you are and you become confident and self-assured, you can also help others around you feel the same way.

We want to have a healthy life, with a healthier outlook. Although it is impossible to keep ourselves from all the negative things around us, we can still carry a positive attitude by focusing on the good things, the positive things in life. I have lovely children who needed me to believe in myself as much as they believed in me.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain (except weight of course) by adopting a healthy, positive attitude. Studies show that such an attitude actually helps slow aging, makes us healthier and helps us develop a better stress coping mechanism and overall has a very positive effect on all the people we meet every day and this in turn makes us feel better about ourselves.



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