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New Habits For Old



It is so important to change our old habits that were not good for us but have deep meaning. The amount of money spent by supermarkets to help us part with our money is astonishing and we need to be ready for all the tricks when we go shopping. We want to gain new habits instead of our old ones.

Having considered the food we buy at the supermarket and food from the take out or from a restaurant, we have eaten what we wanted, not what we needed. Let’s address this issue and look at what we need and how to make what we need the same as what we like, much to the disappointment of the supermarket. However much happiness will be brought to our bodies and to our bank account.

We are talking first and foremost about nutrition which is not a subject high on the supermarkets priority list and definitely not on the manufacturers list. Their goal is to buy in as cheap as possible and sell it to you for the biggest price. This is their PROFIT margin. For my American readers, GM food is the ultimate source of cheap food sold for large profit. We need to create new habits, that give us filling nutritional food and within reason of course, we can eat as much of it as we like. I am not vegetarian nor am I going to suggest that this is the way forward, however an increase in our fruit and vegetables and a reduction in our meat will be a positive new habit.

Another new habit is to vastly reduce any intake of preservatives. Not jams, but the chemicals and fats that are added to food to give it a longer shelf life and make poor quality food taste better.  Simply think ahead and plan your meals and then you can buy what you need. Keep an eye on prices and pick up offers that you know you will use. If you can look for your local greengrocers, they can be a great source of information as well as quality food which can be much cheaper than the supermarket.

We have already discussed the importance of a list when shopping. This stops impulse buys (can you hear the supermarket owners wince?) as the list comes from us having planned our weekly recipes.  As you write it out, listen to the supermarket owner cry and your bank account sing happily. You will be amazed at how much you save with this and how much your body will change over a short period of time (we are talking weeks and months not days).

First on the list is breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Eat a good hearty breakfast and you have all day to burn off the calories. Breakfast is always better if you can eat at home however if not, just steer clear of the pancakes and waffles, the fry up and the fatty sausage and bacon sandwiches.

I would suggest that you find a breakfast that you enjoy and keeps you full until lunch. There is such a variety of delicous and healthy food available. Please feel free to post some recipes to my blog if you want to share or visit to see some of my ideas.

Lunch can be a tricky meal for many. For those at work it so easy to take a trip to the local take away or coffee shop. This does as much damage to your purse as your health. For those at home it is also tricky, as we plan a large meal with our partners in the evening. Try and think outside the box and exchange new habits for old. Ditch the convience food and bring lunch from home.  If you work in an office enviroment, bring soup and a roll and use the microwave. This makes a perfectly tasty lunch, as does a  home made sub with nice fresh ingredients. All these can save you £15.00 to £20.00 a week and improve your health.

The evening meal is an opportunity to experiment.  If you are a big meat eater DO NOT stop but rather REDUCE the amount of meat in each meal. You do this by adding in extra vegetables or adding oats to a mince dish such as spagetti. You do not need to buy ready made sauces but rather use fresh tomatoes and herbs that you can quite easily make into healthy, tasty and nutritional sauses. You will need to invest in a hand blender but they are worth their weight in gold!

Lets review the key points;-

  •       What we eat will affect our waist size
  •       The Supermarket is a psychological battleground you CAN win
  •       Healthy food can taste great
  •       Healthy eating can save us money

Go on, give it a go. Try changing new habits for old for the next few weeks. You’ll be amazed at the difference in yourself as well as your family finances.







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