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Make A Difference In Your Life Using Positive Action Or Why We All Need A Dog




C'mon RoverWhy we all need a dog.

Now that’s a little off topic but if you are determined to make a difference in your life then you have to take some positive action.

I was listening to a programme that told me rickets was becoming a major issue here in the UK. The gist of the programme was that people are not getting enough sunshine and are spending too many hours inside. This was a real problem with children. I was a little taken aback when adults could not see the point of going out with their children if the sun wasn’t shining. I had a few thoughts on this as I listened and whilst it was an interesting piece it missed some important  points.

I noted that the cereal manufacturers are adding in more vitamins in an effort to combat rickets. This may or may not be a worthy idea depending on your point of view and how you eat, as too many vitamins can be a problem as well.

Therefore this why we all need a dog, let us call it our psychological dog. This really means that you mentally prepare yourself to live the life you want not the life you have.

If you really want to change your life for the better , be healthier, lose weight, achieve a trim toned new you and have better relationships with a new partner or with your children and friends,then you need to change the habits you have. I think this is such a simple exercise to prove to your self that you want to make the changes for yourself and not someone else.

Keep rickets at bay without adding expensive supplements you do not need to your diet. Eat a healthy breakfast. Then take the imaginary dog for a real walk. A dog likes a 15 minute walk or about a mile in the morning to do his business.

After a busy day at work why don’t you and the kids (if you have them, and especially if they are teenagers) take our imaginary dog for a good brisk 20 minute walk. If it is cold wrap up warm.  If it’s wet take an umbrella.  This walk will will not only make you feel a lot better but have a look at these beneficial rewards from a 20 minute walk.

  • The daylight will kick start multiple vitamins that you have got from your food
  • 20 minutes outside in daylight will keep rickets away as part of a healthy diet
  • You will have much more energy
  • YOU are going to succeed in your goals
  • You will improve your social skills by saying hello to one person
  • You will make someone else’s day brighter with your happy smile and a friendly hello
  • You will connect with your children especially teenagers in a neutral setting
  • You will have helped your children’s health

WOW who knew having a dog or pretending to, could have so many benefits. It is these small changes that you make in your life that will add up to a completely new you.

Come on Rover, time for your walk!

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