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Dress For Success – Or What Clothes To Wear While Exercising


I have previously set out exercises that are beneficial to you to help you loose weight but I don’t think that I mentioned dressing for success.  I know most people don’t think about how to dress while exercising but you should look at your exercise routines as separate from your normal daily routine and wearing the correct clothes can be such a great help as they psychology. If you dress for your exercises you will put in more effort and even perhaps do your exercises for longer.

Loose Fit ClothingI like to give my readers free advice and guidance and  it is great to help you achieve your goals. Everything I talk about can be achieved for no cost or very little, and this is no different, it can be done for no cost. However for many people, free means no value to them. I know that’s wrong, however I want to help as many people as I can to achieve their health goals.

Dressing for success, we are trying to achieve our health goals and many of the exercises can be done anywhere anytime, while wearing the same clothes we go out in. Many people come in from work and change into their ‘at home slobbing around’ clothes, great for the time we are preparing dinner and maybe even watching tv and when reading a good book. Especially as the night draws in, curling up on the sofa with a good book sounds a perfect way to relax to me.

Real success comes from within and changing into ‘my exercise clothes’ really will help focus the mind. You should have loose clothing on at all times. Remember, we are at home and don’t need to worry about how we look.

With a baggy top and loose pants we can feel the freedom as we let it all ‘jiggle’ about.  It feels good to be in our exercise clothes and it gives us a sense of freedom. Ideally you will have something warm to wear as we are after all planning to sweat a little and we want our muscles warm and the blood to be flowing. If you don’t already have one, treat yourself to a baggy sweat shirt and a pair of training pants and if you really feel the need for underwear, no need for it, then get the loosest pants you can find. These are your exercise clothes and when you put them on you are ready, willing and able to go.

I found when exercising at home I needed the discipline of going to get dressed. I picked up a yoga mat and a couple of ankle and wrist weights. In my mind I was at the gym. At home,  I found the breathing exercise worked better and the all important warm up was less of a chore and more of a pleasure. Our minds love to feel pleasure but that’s a whole different subject.

If you have suitable clothes then great or if you don’t, go out and pick some up. There are plenty of cost effective options and I’ve suggested a few within this article. Planning your mind gym will bring you so much closer to your goals and dressing for success is the key.

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