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A Perfect Breakfast Herby Egg Sandwich


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English: Scrambled eggs with bacon Español: Huevos revueltos con tocino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi guys. I don’t know about you, but trying to find a healthy and balanced cooked breakfast can be hard. I really enjoy cereals but they can get very monotonous and I love my breakfast smoothies but just not every day. I particularly enjoy a cooked breakfast with egg, toast, bacon and tomatoes and have always saved this for the weekend.

I’ve found a super quick cooked breakfast for the middle of the week that has fitted neatly into my breakfast menu and which the whole family enjoys. It’s healthy, nutritious and it tastes delicious and it only takes 15 minutes from preperation to plate however I often prepare the ingredients the night before because I know my little darlings will be dressed quickly and waiting at the breakfast table in record time when they know I’m cooking my herby egg sandwich .

Herby Egg Sandwich

You will need

6 eggs

6 thin slices of ham or turkey (you could use pastrami, left over cooked sausage or bacon) chopped into small pieces

pinch of oregano or basil

chopped fresh chives (2 tablespoons)

1/2 cup of Edam or Gouda cheese grated or chopped

What to do

Crack the eggs into a bowl – don’t beat or mix

Lightly oil a frying pan (skillet) over a medium heat

Add the eggs to the pan and allow to cook for a couple of minites

Start to fold gently, breaking the yolks and cook for a further 5 minites

Add the ham or turkey and all your herbs and stir into the mixture, scambling the eggs with a woooden spoon until the eggs are almost ready

At the last minite, add the cheese and stir it into the scrambled egg for approximately 30 seconds and serve









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