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In my last post I mentioned that I look at weight loss from a totally different perspective and I wanted to show you how I have achieved this. We are going to look at some of the reasons we lack a positive mental attitude in our life and why we should strive to achieve it.

It starts with self confidence. Self confidence comes from within you and is in fact the inner you, the most important you. If we are not happy within ourselves then self confidence cannot and will not exist. In our modern world we are often measured by our outward appearance, our wealth or our relationships. So an attractive woman in her late twenties with an apparently wealthy husband in an outwardly happy marriage should be full of self confidence.  Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t but it’s not going to be important to you anymore. By looking at this woman however we are measuring our outer self, and no good will ever come of this. If only we could compare our inner selves so easily!

Hold that thought. We don’t need to compare inner selves. We are the only person who can look at our inner self as our inner self is our heart and soul and there is not one single person, except for YOU, who can pass a single comment about the inner you. 

The reality is that self confidence comes from within and therefore our apparent self confidence evaporates quickly when we attach our well being to others. It doesn’t’ matter how much we love some one. We NEED our OWN inner self to be confident and happy, and when it is we can enjoy the love of others and the company of others so much better on our own terms. Self confidence can only come from our inner selves and it is OUR OWN responsibility to be confident.

The only person who has any say over our inner self is us. No one, not a husband, child, parent or even our perceived closest friend, can direct the inner self; our inner self only ever listens to ITSELF, in other words, YOU. YOU are totally responsible for your inner self. If you can become self confident than you will be able to motivate yourself in planning your healthly lifestyle as you come to realise that the only person you have to do this for is yourself.

Now we have established WHO is responsible for your self confidence, next time we can look closely at some of the reasons our inner self currently lacks self confidence.


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