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My name is Kate and I have wasted years on blaming others for my weight. I have first hand knowledge of what it means to be fat! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and can finally say that I have found my focus.

My website focuses on a healthy lifestyle, rather than being a purely diet focused website. The reason behind my website was the day I realised that I had to help myself rather than waiting for others to ‘fix’ my problem.

When I first found myself alone with my children, I felt completely isolated. My husband had passed away and my friends started to exclude me from social activities.  My new best friend became the fridge. I sat alone at night, comfort eating, blaming everyone else for my problems.

Eventually I tried and failed to loose weight, which wasn’t my fault of course. I was overwhelmed with all the different advice I was given. There are so many diets claiming to be the best. Claiming that they could help you lose weight quickly, drop 4 dress sizes in a matter of weeks and be more attractive as a result.  I couldn’t find a plan of action that fitted around me and my lifestyle.

Diet is a much misused word. It means different things to different people.

To a young girl, it’s about being as thin as possible, looking at supermodels and trying to be like them. This can lead to extreme forms of dieting and eventually to serious eating disorders and sadly, in rare cases, death.

To a young man, it can mean the complete opposite. It is about bulking up, becoming muscle bound. In this case we still get extremes. We see young men taking steroids as well as other drugs to obtain, for the most part, an unobtainable goal.

There are many other forms of ‘diet’, affecting us at different times of our lives.

  • The bikini/beach season – crash diet required
  • The “I’m running a marathon for charity in 4 weeks” – raw egg diet
  • The “bridesmaid in 6 weeks” – need to loose a stone to fit in the dress diet

You get the picture. We have all found reasons to want to diet or reasons we need to diet urgently.

Personally, I would lose weight for a short time and then, with my stressful life, work, children and a busy household, everything I planned fell by the way side and I would start comfort eating again. The weight would pile on and I would have to start over and so the cycle started again. The more times I failed, the worse I felt and the worse I felt, the more I would eat.

Obviously, these actions are not healthy. They lead the body into turmoil. We send our organs into a frenzy and our blood sugar spikes and falls. Our energy is boundless one minute and then we find ourselves suddenly tired the next. We lose sleep and concentration and we send ourselves into a downward spiral.  The low comes in quietly and we don’t notice it at first. We struggle with energy, always tired.  We struggle at work and don’t get things done. Unsurprisingly, we get depressed and we then start eating to feel good about ourselves.

I wondered why I should bother to try again.

  • Firstly I had come to the conclusion that I was overweight and even before dieting had seen myself in a negative light
  • Secondly, I had decided to ‘do something’ but was not sure what. However our celebrity culture ensured that some celebrity had the perfect diet for me
  • Thirdly, I started to look at magazines and celebrities. I wanted to look like them and stopped eating. Thankfully I realised that this was not dieting but starvation

However, I had now stepped on the down escalator and my body craved food. I went for the quick fix. Burgers, chocolates, sugary snacks. I would get the fix then feel bad as I had failed in my diet. Self loathing, starvation and then the next craving. You get the picture. Maybe you have been there or know someone who has.

 We arrive at the low when we become addicted to dieting. You will know when you are there as you will be in a cycle of diet, fail, overeat or shop, feel better, start the next new diet craze, fail, feel miserable and depressed, overeat for comfort and then start again.
I want to share with you the moment that I realised this. The moment I realised that it was up to me to make this healthier life work not just for myself but for all my family.  The moment I realised that I should be listening to my own thoughts, not the thoughts of others.
 Finally I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to lose weight for others; I wanted to lose weight for myself. I was sick of dieting but was totally confused as to what a healthy diet actually looked like, after years of faddy dieting. I knew I wanted to start to live a healthier life for both myself and my family.
 The saying that children “speak as they find” was my personal turning point. I was bagging up my weekly shop when the little boy behind me in the queue turned to his Mother and asked if I was the Fat Controller from Thomas The Tank Engine. Everyone around stopped and stared as I quickly loaded all my ‘goodies’ into bags before anyone could see. As I was packing them away, I realised that all I had bought were ready meals, pizza and fattening deserts. I had ice-cream, biscuits and chocolate but no fruit, vegetables or fresh ingredients to make myself and my family a healthy meal.  I vowed that this was the turning point for me and it was at that moment I knew it was down to me alone to make it happen.
If this is you or someone you know, then welcome to my site.

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